network objectives

The SAP Network is a multi-disciplinary applied research and design platform that focuses on contemporary urbanisms within the South American continent. The objectives of the network are threefold:

Disciplinary objective
To establish a trans-disciplinary framework that allows the design disciplines to partake in an active manner in the South American regional integration movement through the lenses of architecture, landscape architecture and urbanism.

Continental objective
To bring together a trans-American research platform that can visualize and critically synthesize in spatial terms, the major regional infrastructural corridors currently reorganizing the South American continent. 

Procedural objective
Within a spirit of critical cooperation, this network would address in time and through diverse mechanisms (design and research studios, research seminars, digital and analog publications, conferences, seminars, lectures, round table discussions, documentary films, etc.) issues related to the future design of South America as a redefined territorial field of action. The network´s output would be shared with diverse constituencies involved in continental planning (politicians, financial partners, local communities, NGO´s, environmental agencies, engineers, economists, scientists, artists, etc.), in an attempt to allow design to partake in decision making processes and exert a positive impact in the South American territories.