Resource Extraction Urbanism

RESEX Research / Victor Muñoz Sanz

As current development pressures continue to transform the hinterlands at an unprecedented rate, it has become more crucial than ever for the design disciplines to actively engage and conceptualize alternative futures for decentralized geographies and unbound territories. This advanced research seminar explored the physical inscriptions of the most salient resource extraction industries and its affiliated infrastructures, which have reconfigured the South American hinterlands throughout the twentieth century and the diverse models of urbanism these industries have generated. The objective of this line of research is to construct a critical inventory of the diverse modes of resource extraction urbanism that have emerged within the South American Hinterland throughout the 20th century, and single out the main principles that have structured them. Furthermore, we expect to propose how current patterns of extraction, paired with recent investments in regional infrastructure can serve as the backbone for renewed models of urbanization for the region.

Resource Extraction Urbanism

Research Format: Seminar

Felipe Correa, Assistant Professor of Urban Design
Ana María Durán Calisto, Loeb Fellow ‘11

Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Spring 2011

Research team:
Lucas Correa Sevilla, MAUD'12
Jeffrey Goodman, MUP,11
Jae Min Ha, MArch II/MAUD'12
Mireille Kameni, MAUD'12
Dongsei Kim, MDES'12
Amy Linne, MLA I'11
Ming Ngar Lo, MAUD'12
Víctor Muñoz Sanz, MAUD,11
Ángel Rodríguez Colón, MAUD'11
Nancy Seaton, MLA I'11
William Viglakis, MAUD'12